In ♥️ with AI

Hello! I’m deeply passionate about the world of Artificial Intelligence (AI), and I’ve woven my love for AI and digitalization into my day job at Bosch. Here, I’m dedicated to spearheading efforts to train our employees in these cutting-edge fields.

Venn of my profile - Humans - Technical Challenges - Innovation

At the intersection of my profile, you’ll find three core elements:

  • Humans: I thrive on regular interactions with others, relishing the opportunity to facilitate, collaborate, and achieve goals together.
  • Technical Challenges: While I may not be a coding wizard, I possess a knack for grasping complex technical concepts swiftly. I thrive on learning new things and diving into intricate subjects.
  • Innovation: Creativity and rapid prototyping fuel my passion. I revel in nurturing fresh ideas and bringing them to life.

I’m excited about the prospect of merging my extensive knowledge in various facets of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence with a human touch. How can I help you discover the wonders of Artificial Intelligence and fall in love with this transformative field?

📄 Connect with Me

You can download my full CV here or connect with me on LinkedIn. Feel free to shoot me a message either way.